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Exercise is king, nutrition is queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.
— Jack LaLanne




Now that you've set your Fit Bride goals and teamed up with a friend or bridesmaid for an accountability partner or two, it's time for some real talk, bridal babe - what in the world are you putting in your mouth? 

From the image, you might be thinking that we're saying just eat salad - nope, not at all. That salad was just so darn delicious - and super pretty! No, we expect you to eat when you're hungry for sure. We just want to talk a bit about the mindset you need for success as well as how to make your choices.


YOu are what you eat


What you eat - or don't eat for that matter... absolutely matters! Fill up on fresh water, veggies and lean protein most of the time and your body will reflect that. Fill up on soda, donuts and gooey or fried stuff most of the time and, well, I think you get the picture. And it's not just about how you fit into your wedding dress, either. Whether we're talking health, fitness, beauty, performance, mindset or sprituality - everything you eat affects everything you are. Now, yes, it's true that there are probably as many ways to eat in the world as there are people 'cause, well, there quite literally are. As individuals, our eating styles and practices vary from person to person; by individual physiology and health/medical needs; by region country and ethnicity; by economic status; by personal and social beliefs. We also have more labels now, too. You can be a vegan, a lacto-vegetarian or a locavore. You can eat clean or raw or paleo. You can be a flexitarian, pescetarian or even a fruitarian. You can even do intermittent fasting, juicing or "detoxing", and on and on... but there are certain basics that are true for everyone, bridal babe and we certainly use those key facts to get you moving in the right direction.


We all require micronutrients and macronutrients to live. 


At the lowest common denominator, we're all still humans. That said, there are certain physiological baselines that are constant no matter who you are. We are all omnivores. As omnivores, we are all more or less capable of eating both plants and animal-based foods. We also all require some combination of micronutrients (usually referred to as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. like iron, potassium, vitamin C and beta carotene) and macronutrients (just three - protein, carbs and fat). And we ALL require calories and water to both perform and live. There are also definitely certain strategies that tend to work for everyone, in terms of habits and choices so that's what we'll focus on. The goal of this post is to help you consider your own situation, learn some key facts and then make choices based on your personal needs and tastes to achieve the success YOU want, no matter what type of eating you prefer.


Eat according to your goals.


Your goals are said to be as much as 80% of your success. That exact percentage may actually vary from person to person but there's NO doubt that your food choices and your relationship with what you eat are all super important. At it's most basic level, your relationship with food and the habits you've formed around them will either bring you closer to your goals... or far, far away. So, think. Does that snack you're eating right now or the next meal you have in mind fit in line with the results you really want? Is what you usually eat helping you or hurting you? Are you getting closer to your goals with every bite or further away? The answers you give tell you whether or not you need to change. This is not to say that you can't have an occasional treat, though.  is perfectly fine for most brides-to-be, your overall wedding fitness goal is to encourage your body to burn excess fat while fueling your workouts so that you can sculpt the body you want to see in your DRESS and beyond. You also need to make sure you have the energy and stamina to go through your day while nourishing your body so that you can have the best health possible.


Don't starve yourself.

Drastically changing how you eat might sound like a good idea, especially when you have a dress fitting coming up because yes, you can indeed lose weight, but that's just it - you'll lose weight! That might mean some body fat, but also valuable water and precious muscle. Losing muscle means you'll be less firm, less strong and you metabolism could be affected as well. And, not only will that extreme calorie deficit likely affect your mood (aka bridezilla, anyone?), it will also keep you from looking, feeling and being healthy long term - and that's what you really want, right? 

No, what you really want is to lose body fat and to build or keep the muscle. That will help to boost your metabolism and your energy so your results can last, and you both look and feel fantastic!

Let's do this!

Take action - 

  1. Don't diet. Dieting typically means adopting a way of eating for a certain period of time. And if you go on a diet, sooner or later you're going to slip back into your old habits because whatever you're doing is uncomfortable and typically never becomes normal for you. Instead, create new habits. That takes practice so focus in on doing things you can live with long term them and be patient with yourself while you work on making the new things normal for you. 
  2. Eat lean protein, fruit and vegetables, and water. This is your foundation. Protein helps you build lean muscle, which in turn burns more calories. Protein also digests slowly so you'll feel fuller longer. Fruit and vegetables provide vital nutrients and antioxidants along with carbs (yes, fruit and veggies are carbs), fiber and water, which also helps you to feel full longer. Drinking water also helps you manage your appetite and boosts your metabolism. Start with a glass first thing in the morning and keep going. Aim for at least two liters every day. That's a little over eight cups. Also, you may choose whole grains like brown rice, bulgur, quinoa, whole wheat, etc. Just be sure to manage your portion sizes based on your needs.
  3. Choose whole foods. Strive to get your food as straight from the farm as much as possible. Whole foods have names like chicken, egg, broccoli, orange. This includes fruit, vegetables, whole grains, wild-caught fish, grass-fed and free-range animal products.  

  4. Limit or avoid highly processed and refined foods. Most foods we eat have some degree of processing for them to arrive from the field or farm to us, but highly processed foods tend to have a label and lots of ingredients. The more ingredients on that label, the more likely the food has been highly refined. Strive for 5 or fewer label ingredients and if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat it.
  5. Know your portions. Even if you "eat healthy" if you overeat it can still dramatically impact not only your waistline, but your health as well. Learn how to eye your portions so that you can make wise food choices no matter the circumstance.


Ultimately, "eating fit" means that what you eat supports the lifestyle you want to live. Just as athletes eat to boost their performance, you're eating to support your Fit Bride goals, as well as the lifestyle you want to live after your wedding. So if you want to look better and feel better as a sexy bride, eat better and make better food choices! 


These recommendations are general, but they work for all of us, regardless of our eating styles and our overall goals. Your food habits and the choices you make are absolutely vital to getting the results you want. We'll be posting more info on how to Eat Like a Fit Bride soon so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, get started by taking a look at your current eating habits and then begin incorporating these healthy habits today! Remember, making small changes that you can live with, one at a time, can lead to BIG RESULTS!


What's next? Time to get moving! 

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And remember, the sooner you start you bridal fitness countdown, the better!

To your success!

Tami xo