Let's Move! | Summer Fitness Bucket List

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Heya, beautiful Fit Bride! Summer's in full swing, so I hope you've been enjoying the weather where you are.

Whether your wedding is this summer or later in the year, it's the perfect time for a little fun and adventure! And, what's even better is that you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak (who thought of that saying anyway?), by having some of that adventure while working on your beautiful body and getting in better shape.


Summertime is for fun and adventure!


I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish during these long sunny days and warmer weather (other than having a full-on blast!), so I made myself a bucket list to work on and thought I'd share the love by making you one, too - with a good helping of fun fitness and a side of adventure in mind, of course. ;)


So, join me for our Summer Fitness Bucket List Challenge and let's have some fun getting fit! Oh, and how about grabbing your bridesmaid squad and making some great memories, too?! 


Here we go...!


1. Go stand up paddle boarding. Connect with nature as you build core stability, improve your balance and strengthen your legs.

2. Complete 100 pushups in a workout. The go anywhere, do anywhere exercise that works your entire body, start with 20 perfect reps.

3. Complete a mud run. No longer just for hard core exercisers and sports enthusiasts, these days many events are far more accessible to all levels of fitness.

4. Do 100 burpees without stopping. The ultimate functional exercise, you'll burn fat and gain power while working you're entire body.

5. Go rock climbing. Get started by finding an indoor climbing gym to learn the ins and outs.

6. Go for an extended hike. Grab your map and your day pack for a picnic lunch and a fun day exploring the great outdoors.

7. Go for a run on the beach. There's less impact stress on your lower body plus you'll burn more calories and work more muscles in your lower body and core.

8. Do an outdoor workout. Enjoy some new scenery and advantage of the gorgeous warm weather.

9. Go kayaking. Explore and see the area in a new way as you shape your abs and arms

10. Hold a wall-supported handstand for one minute. Handstands can help you feel more energized and less stressed out. They'll also do wonders for your shoulders and core strength.

11. Take a new class. Been wanting to try yoga, Zumba or kickboxing? Summer's the perfect time!

12. Complete a 5k or 10k race. Training for an event is a great way to keep you focused and on track. Many also benefit some great causes, too.

13. Complete a foam fest or paint run. Combine your regular 5k (or longer) race with, you guessed it, foam or colored powder and there you have it.

14. Do an unassisted pullup. Win that bet at the next family cookout or friendly gathering by knocking out one... or two or three or... of these! Plus, since we tend to do way more pushing than pulling exercises this compound exercise not only strengthens your back, it also works your arms and shoulders as well.

15. Exercise every day of the summer season. Unlike the nebulous "workout every day", specific timelines for goals anchors you and gives your subconscious mind something to zoom in on. Varying your workouts along with the intensity will help to prevent boredom, adaptation and injury.

16. Hold a forearm plank for 3 minutes. Build killer core strength!

17. Master an advanced yoga pose. Firefly? Lotus? King Pigeon? So many to choose from! Take your regular practice to the next level.

18. Jump rope 5 minutes without missing. This super affordable cardio exercise burns massive calories, improves your coordination, increases your bone density and improves your endurance.

19. Do 25 jump rope double-unders. Turn up the heat even more, plus you'll look [even more] super cool.

20. Run on a mountain trail. Softer on the joints, plus you'll love the peacefulness of running in nature.

21. Bike to work or to run an errand. Since you've gotta go any way, might as well add get body-loving benefits in the process.

22. Try bouldering (rock climbing with no ropes). Improve your confidence and develop a grip strong enough to crush aluminum cans. Well, you might not but you'll have fun trying. Take a class to get started!

23. Climb 20 flights of stairs in one day. That's about a mile's worth - taking the elevator down is optional. 

24. Log 100 running/walking miles. Early morning or late evenings, enjoying the outdoors or escaping the heat on the treadmill, your choice but get 'er done!

25. Climb a tree. I don't know about you, but I haven't climbed one since I was a kid. Just make sure you can get down safely, though.

26. Do yoga outside or stand up paddle boarding. Get bendy, find your balance and your zen.

27. Go bowling. The perfect old school Saturday night family outing! Invite your friends and loved ones and make some fun memories.

28. Do sprint intervals at the track. Running for the bus, catching a flight, grabbing a run-away-toddler, or a soccer ball heading for the street... sooner or later you're body needs to go fast. Plus, like HIIT training, sprinting is amazing for burning fat and leaning out. Win and win!

29. Do 100 squat jumps (in a workout - advanced). Hopping, skipping and jumping, otherwise known as plyometrics, uses your muscles in a way you don't normally use them for other forms of training and helps your body learn to accelerate and decelerate under control. Plus, you'll develop power and explosiveness - aka, you can move fast quick.

30. Go for a swim. Summer and water just go together! Plus, it's a terrific low impact way to increase your endurance, lower stress and cross-train your muscles in a new way.


Holy cow, so what do you think? Looks challenging but let's see how many things you can cross of the list before Labor Day. Cheers to new adventures and some beautiful new Fit Bride muscle, too - YES!

Leave a comment and let me know what looks the most fun (and most challenging) on the list!

Let's make this the best summer EVER, beautiful! Happy training!


Tami  ((virtual hugs))  ;)