Fit Bride | How to Get (and Stay) Motivated

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Hey, bridal babe. In the last post, we talked about the first thing you need to do to get started on your Fit Bride journey. If you didn’t get a chance to check that out, go HERE and then come back here to chat about what to do next. 


Got goals!

Ok. So now that you’ve figured out your starting place the next question is, who’s going to hold you accountable and cheer you on? Yes, you can absolutely do it on your own, but when you're doing something that's challenging (and let's face it changing your habits and getting in shape is work, girl!), the journey is just more do-able and fun when you've got a battle buddy in the form of a friend... or two or three (hey, bridesmaids). Plus, a growing body of research has shown that having at least one support and accountability partner can make all the difference between your success and failure. Just think - you text your friend that you want a cookie... she texts you back a picture of your wedding gown. Don't want to go for your early morning run or yoga? Well, her booty is already at the meeting spot waiting for you - and you don't want none of that attitude fall out! 


Get an accountability partner so you don't flake.


Having at least one girlfriend or workout buddy who’s there during the fun times and talks you through when it gets rough can make all the difference to your level of success. Not only can it raise the energy, it also raises the level of expectation and accountability.  Unfortunately, as humans we can all get a bit flaky at times, so we might not follow through if we're the only ones who know of our intentions. 

That accountability is raised, however, when you've gotten someone else involved because the expectation level also increases. You can even add more people (maybe a bridesmaid or two) to create a group and add more energy, more encouragement, and more FUN! Ask one or more to join you! From encouragement and support to having more fun and increased motivation, social support works!


Let's do this.

Take action -

THIS WEEK - Share your goal(s) with someone who can offer positive support and motivation to help you move towards your fitness goals. Remember, this can be a girlfriend, a loved one, a fitness professional, or even a support group. This person can join you on your journey directly or support you from the sidelines, but they have to offer positive vibes and constructive feedback only.


It's often said that the next step is as much as 80% of your success on your Fit Bride journey. CLICK HERE to find out what it is!

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And remember, the sooner you start you bridal fitness countdown, the better!

To your success, beautiful!

Tami xo