Look Hot | How to Set Bridal Fitness Goals for Your Wedding

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When setting bridal fitness goals, the end result in the minds of most brides-to-be is usually pretty simple: look hot in the wedding dress!


But, how do you make that happen? What should you expect? How hard should you work? What do you do?

Taking the time to create a strong strategic plan will take away the guesswork, along with the stress, especially since you already have the added task of planning your wedding into your already full schedule. It’ll also give you a chance to decide what you want your fitness journey to be like and to better enjoy your wedding planning, too.


Here are some bridal fitness tips for putting together a plan that gets you stronger, toned up, and feeling good for your walk down the aisle without making you feel overwhelmed and stressed out in the process.




No, really, start now! The more time you have, the better your results so it’s wise to begin training right after your engagement so your body has plenty of time to change in a healthy way. Generally, a half hour of cardio plus a half hour of strength training with some stretching 3-5 days per week is a good way to shape your muscles and increase your stamina.

The main thing is to work at your current fitness level and ability. If you’re new to exercise or haven’t trained for a while, start slow - even ten minutes a day can do wonders in the beginning as you work to establish your fitness habits. Just going for a short walk or run and then doing calisthenics like squats, pushups, and triceps dips followed by stretching can be a great first workout. Depending on your fitness level, you can even increase your intensity and cut your training time to 20-45 minutes with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and power circuits some days as well. Remember, you absolutely want to challenge yourself, but there’s no reason to overdo it. Plus, if you’re overly stiff and sore right off the bat you increase the risk of injury, not to mention lessening your motivation to continue.




If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve got two things in mind: toning up and losing weight. Neither of those things happens instantly - bummer, right! Think about when you get ready for work in the morning. Showering, brushing your teeth, makeup, eating breakfast - whatever your routine is, the process takes a certain amount of time. Well, getting in shape for your wedding is a process, too. You have to give your body time to respond and make the changes you’re looking for.

For optimal success, you’ll also need to be real about how much time and effort you’re willing to commit to your fit bride process without turning yourself into an overtrained, hangry stressed-out bridezilla - ‘cause that’s never pretty! Instead, focus on setting up habits that you can live with and hopefully continue even after your wedding day.




As said before, your results will depend primarily on how much time you have before your wedding, along with how intensely you’re willing to focus on eating well and exercising consistently. You DO want to have fun and enjoy your wedding prep, so again, don’t set yourself up for unnecessary stress. A mentally healthy bride is a sexy bride, too!

If weight loss is on your mind, an average weight loss of 2-3 pounds per week is considered optimal. How many weeks do you have before your wedding? Multiplying this range by the number of weeks you have before you walk down the aisle will give you a reasonable weight loss target.




Your training program is important, but so is how you eat. The two go hand in hand. Eat healthily according to your goals and your wedding timeline. Nourish your body, not just for your wedding but for your happily-ever-after life as well. Drink water. Eat fruit and vegetables, especially the green ones. Cut down on or avoid junk food like chips, soda, sugary treats and fried foods. You really are what you eat so consider the impact on your body and how the food will affect your goals before you eat it.



Your weight loss is not the final measure of your success. As you tone up during your bridal fitness journey you’ll develop more muscle, plus you’ll also lose excess fat and water. Since muscle is denser and therefore takes up less space than fat, your body fat percentage could actually decrease substantially so that you look smaller and more toned compared to what the scale says. In fact, many a bride-to-be has started out with a particular weight in mind only to find that she looks amazing at a weight higher than she expected. Bottom line - focus on how you look and feel, not the scale.


I hope this helps you to get focused on your Fit Bride journey, bridal babe, and that you’re ready to get on track for achieving amazing things in 2018! I wish you all the best for your wedding and look forward to helping you make your bridal fitness journey GREAT!


Tami xo