Boutique Visit | How Fit Brides Pick the Right Wedding Dress

So you've decided that you want to start working out and eating healthier to tone up and lose weight before your wedding, but how do you pick a wedding gown (in the right size) that will still fit once you start losing weight? Should you order a smaller dress size? If so, how many sizes smaller, and what's the alteration process?

We caught up with Pamela Tan, owner of Ania Bridal to get the answers and to take a peek at their beautiful new space.

How should you choose the right wedding dress for your changing body?

"It’s important to feel like yourself on your wedding day," says Pamela. "Brides should choose whatever style makes them feel beautiful!" This is also your perfect time to play dress up so don't be afraid to have fun and try on different styles - even those seemingly outside of your "norm". Trust your bridal stylist, too, because they know their garments. Sometimes a dress may look completely different on the hanger but totally amazing on your body.


How should Fit Brides choose their dress size?

Pamela encourages brides to order whatever size they measure to during their initial appointment. So, even if you do intend to change your shape or to lose weight, choose the dress shape that flatters your current figure and makes you feel beautiful now. Also, keep in mind that size doesn't really matter when it comes to wedding dresses. "Bridal sizing is an arbitrary system - sizes vary by designer, and rarely correspond with standard street sizes."


Should you order a dress in the smaller size you want to be for your wedding?

That's a big no. Seamstresses can do amazing things, but if you get your dress too small it could be costly and/or nearly impossible to let out. On the other hand, a gown that's too big can be easily taken in. The seamstress at Ania Bridal has been altering bridal gowns for over twenty years, for instance, so altering your dress to accommodate your body changes shouldn't be a problem.


A little more about those alterations. What should you expect?

Depending on the designer and how intricate your wedding dress is to make, it could take a few months to complete. If possible, keep it simple by using the seamstress at the bridal salon where you get your dress. On average, expect 2-4 fittings and do expect to bring your bridal undergarments and shoes as you near completion. Also, once you have your final fitting, do take care NOT to lose any more weight.

Pictured: Pamela Tan (far right) and her wonderful Ania Bridal team.

About Ania Bridal - Approaching their 20th anniversary in the bridal business, Ania Bridal recently transitioned into a fantastic new space where brides can feel at ease in a relaxing, pressure-free environment. The chic and contemporary setting also reflects the quality of their exclusive line of bridal gowns and their high-caliber customer service. The Ania stylists are a body-positive team that celebrates diversity and inclusivity for brides of every size, shape, ability, and identity. Visit them online at