Fit Bride | The #1 Thing You Need to Do to Lose Weight For Your Wedding

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Congratulations! You're engaged!

No doubt your mind is a blur with all the planning and that LONG list of things to do. For most brides super high on that list, and arguably the most important thing is the wedding dress... Otherwise known as "THE DRESS". Next on the list after finding the dress is typically how special and fantastic they want to look and feel in it during that special time. I mean it IS one of the few times we get to feel like a Disney princess at our own personalized ball.


A word of caution, though.


Once the initial excitement is over, many brides can also feel a bit panicked at the realization that soon all eyes will be on them. Yes, as important as the many other aspects of your wedding are and no matter who else is in the wedding, in the end your family and guests are ALL waiting to see you and your beautiful self on that day.

This realization can cause some brides-to-be to dive headlong into their Fit Bride countdown the wrong way. Instead of making wise choices and establishing habits they can maintain, they drastically cut calories while simultaneously ramping up the intensity of their workouts, all while maintaining a hectic work-life/family-life + wedding planning schedule. 


But there IS a better way!


First, TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Remember that this is YOUR wedding, lovely! It's all about you, your fiancé and the love the two of you share for one another. Beyond the officiant and a witness, all the other stuff is simply the icing on the cake, so to speak. So don't let yourself get worked up! Whatever you decide to do, or not do for that matter, to make your "I dos" happen... IT'S OK! Plus, your family and friends all love you. They saw you before and they'll still love you after. 

After you've reminded yourself of that... the next thing you should do on your Fit Bride journey is to think about the results you really want... what is realistic given your time frame and your true commitment to change. Yes, you absolutely want to look fab in your dress, but you probably also want to feel good, too - and that's mentally, as well as physically. You likely want to have, ahem, fun on your honeymoon AND you want to be able to enjoy wedded life with your new hubbins. The healthier you are, the more you can do and enjoy together, and what you do now can absolutely go beyond just fitting into your dress. 


So, what's the very first step in your Fit Bride journey?


You already know. Goals. But not the typical "I want to lose weight and look fab in my dress" type of goals because that's a given since you're reading this, right? I can already guess that you want to lose some body fat, shape your arms and shoulders, and trim your waistline... but those are results. Results are the effects of action so you need ACTION goals. Yes, it's completely ok to focus your mind on those end results that you want because that can help you to visualize where you're going, but it's the "doing" that'll get you there. 


Let's do this!

Take action -

Set two ACTION-SPECIFIC goals that require you to DO something.

Instead of simply making result-oriented goals like "lose 20 pounds" or "fit into a size 6 dress", choose action-specific goals that require you to get something done every day. Remember that your results are a reflection of the actions you consistently take, or don't take. Don't worry about getting everything right. Just get started by taking better care of your beautiful self! 


Goal #1: Exercise-related (e.g. walking 20-30 minutes a day or doing a couple of sets of calisthenic moves each day)
Goal #2: Lifestyle-related (e.g. drinking half your body weight in water daily or cutting the amount of sugar you eat)

By focusing on adopting the one or two things that you make into a habit you start creating momentum towards the healthier lifestyle and the ultimate goal that you want - to feel good, look good and live healthier. Not only can creating these new habits give your results staying power, they'll also be your keys to getting what you want to on your wedding day - to be a Fit Bride and, of course, a Sexy Wife.

If you want more help putting together your plan for your Fit Bride journey download our new eBook PROJECT FIT BRIDE. We've put together this starter guide to give you simple strategies and steps you can implement today. And remember, the sooner you start you bridal fitness countdown, the better!

Now, ready for your next step? LET'S GO!


Tami xo