Fit Bride | What Should Be on Your Grocery List This Fall

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This summer was EPIC! 

Vacationing, barbecues with friends, camping adventures, cookouts with family, spontaneous trips for drippy summer treats and those occasional (and WONDERFUL) days spent lazing away doing nothing... except maybe leafing through magazines and reading a good book or catching up on NetFlix. 

Plus, as one of our Fit Brides, you may have even celebrated your wedding, too -  CONGRATULATIONS! 


Time to get back to basics.


Well, now that summer is coming to an end (hello, fall!), it's the perfect time for a fresh start and getting back to the basics. That means getting refocused on your health and fitness goals and settling back into consistently taking good care of yourself, which includes nourishing your beautiful bridal body. Since what you eat plays such an important role in helping you to look and feel your best, one of the best places to start is with your grocery list. 


Having a good, strategic grocery list is important!



A strategic grocery list is one that saves you time and money because it helps you stay in control and on track with your goals when you're at the store. After all, who wants to waste time wondering what to eat, buying foods that hold you back from your success, or getting home with tons of grocery bags but still not having what you need to fuel your body or make the tasty healthy meals you want. Plus, you're planning a wedding! You don't have time to wander aimlessly through the store - you've got things to do!

We created this Healthy Eating Fall Grocery List as the template to help you plan your meals with the nourishing healthy foods you need on a regular, weekly basis so you can fuel up and have the energy you need whether it's running wedding errands or burning through your Fit Bride workouts! 

The list doesn't (and frankly can't possibly) contain every single food item you'd ever want or need to eat, but it absolutely does show you the outline of what a healthy diet looks like. Whether you're vegan or paleo or somewhere in between, every diet should include lean protein, lots of vegetables, some fruit and healthy fats plus, depending on your needs, whole grains as well as starches.

Now, this isn't suggesting that you can't enjoy a treat from time to time, too - um, you may have even spied the treats in that grocery basket above. Life is meant to be enjoyed so there's no reason to be super strict or tyrannical - unless your goals demand it (like an athletic competitor), your health demands it (do what the doc says) or you just like that sort of thing (ha!).


The 80/20 Rule... rules!


So there is room to enjoy yourself and to occasionally indulge in the fun foods you like, but just be mindful with your choices. Most of the week (80 percent of the time), eat to satisfy your hunger, nourish your body and fuel your performance. Then, strategically allow yourself the treat you'll enjoy most (don't waste calories on the nasty stuff) so you don't feel deprived - that's the 20 percent. Of course, portion control is also key, and if you have medical issues or needs always follow what your doctor says, too.


The truth is, where it comes to fitness and eating there's no "one size fits all". There's a ton of info out there and it can be really confusing figuring out what you need through the trial and error. The key is to not give up and to find the important healthy elements that work for you AND that you can maintain for a lifetime. 

So, get started today by clicking this link to grab our Healthy Eating Fall Grocery List.

And if you need more help, don't waste time struggling, beautiful! Contact Us to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can chat about your particular situation and get you moving in the right direction. 

Happy training, lovely!

Tami xx